Thursday, August 23, 2012

A&W Teen Burger Cruising / Ragnar and Izmit children fun

Vania reminded me about the A&W "Cruising for a Cause" promotion against Multiple Sclerosis by inviting me and others to the Facebook event, so I went to the one in Richmond Centre. TEEN BURGERS, AHOY! I also got Rainbow Chips Ahoy at Shoppers Drug Mart since they were on sale for $2 each, getting rid of a bunch of change in the process. Saw a cute curious baby on the bus, too. :D

Ragnar saves the Izmit children, and goes back to Burland. One of his fellow soldiers wants to take credit, and says the same thing whether you say YES or NO to his question: "I was only kidding. You're so naive!"

Then Ragnar goes to the King with the children in tow, who says: "You must take the children back to Izmit Village. I will hear your story later. Go now, Ragnar."

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