Saturday, August 25, 2012

Grandma appetite, pork cheek, Nathan, happy Ayler, and chips

Mom complained that I was late, but they never called before leaving... then again, I had to post placeholders and such! Ran out of time to do everything that I wanted to, as well. However, I wouldn't have traded the lunch with baby Ayler and Grandma for that! Mom was nicer on the phone with Steph, OF COURSE. I tried helping with Grandma at Dogwood, but ended up pushing the surprisingly heavy wheelchair out the door; Steph said that I'd left the brakes on! Whoops! Went to the Grand Honour Restaurant for lunch - Jon, Harmony, Ayler, and Nathan were late as well, so it was FINE! Had pork cheek, noodles, HA-GOW, SIU MAI, duck, green beans, spicy sauce, soup, and more for lunch; Grandma had a very good appetite and just went for the beans like they were all hers! Steph found out that Neil Armstrong died, and it was great to see Nathan while he was in town! Talked about the happy baby Ayler (who seemed interested in Nathan, and grabbed my finger), Brian and Amy's wedding, yucca root tea, Uncle Eric, FLAMINGO restaurant, Havarti (the baby is older than the dog by two days), Thursday's dinner, Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie coming in two weeks on September 6, "nasty" emails, and more.

By the time I got home at 3 (after Island Farms ice cream from Langara), Mom had given me Doritos chips (Sweet Chili Heat / Nacho Cheese); Cheetos; jalapeno cheese slices; peanuts; candy; funeral home mints; blackberry jam; Safeway chocolate chip cookies. I was going to go out and get the cards for Julie C. and Jeremy Y., but figured I should finish up stuff first. Checked my email, where Randal had given me advice to BE A BITCH when asking for drugs to make the pain go away for Big G. Also checked my phone to discover that Eric had called; seems he has to be at church at 9 (?!) because he signed up to help Stanford for Phil's farewell lunch tomorrow. Aiya! Guess I'll have to live with it! Finally managed to get out the door so I could buy on-sale index cards, much-needed milk, and blank cards for Julie C. / Jeremy Y.'s baptism tomorrow. Since I'll be at church anyway, I might as well...

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