Saturday, August 25, 2012

Zenithian Lucia, Zenithian Tower, appraisal, and Tower

Eric called to see whether I'd make it out to Bible Study tonight; nope, as I was busily trying to find a Master Necrodain. PRIORITIES, MAN! Since I hadn't found one after an hour of playing, I used a code to hack one in.

Here's Lucia, a Zenithian who became trapped in the Giant World Tree when she was injured by monsters who broke her wings:

Lucia the Zenithian: STATS MODE!

Taloon appraises the Zenithian Sword just outside of Elfville, and is disappointed! "So this is the Zenithian Sword! I was expecting something more spectacular..."

However, when Taloon appraises the Zenithian Sword after Master Dragon blesses the item, he says: "Look at it glow! This sword is something, after all!"

When you stay at the Izmit Village inn after defeating Necrosaro, your character can have a dream about Rosa's death and Ruby Teardrops. Necrosaro will say that he'll let humans suffer for his elfin girl's death!

If you try entering the Zenithian Tower without the Hero equipping the Zenithian Sword / Armor / Shield / Helm, a voice is heard: "This is the Zenithian Tower. Only those who are eligible can enter. Leave!"

The same goes for the Zenithian Castle in the clouds!

Hey, we can have TWO Dews of World Tree instead of just one! We got one from the Giant World Tree, stored it in the vault, and then got another one from a demon watering the plants in Zenithia!

Lucia is so grateful for our help earlier that she gives us Doran to help us through the remainder of our quest!

Doran, the Baby Dragon:

Here's Master Dragon!

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