Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ice Wine Chocolates! / You should have babies after getting married...

Visited Grandma briefly (she was watching old English movies), and went to the People's Drug Mart across the street from Dogwood to get a new pencil case (since my old one got really wet) and those ice wine chocolates that I'd seen last week: one for me, one for Chinese Eric, and one for Harmony. I'm sure Harmony will like them, haha! FAVORITE HOS, indeed! Unfortunately, the Canucks pencil case I got was too small for my stuff, so I went to London Drugs instead. (the Oakridge Zellers didn't have what I was looking for) Good thing that their purses and such were on sale, as I managed to get one which wasn't ridiculously huge for a "wallet"! When I got home, I put the chocolates in the fridge - thank goodness I didn't have to worry about them melting like I would have last week in the heat! Eve May added me to Facebook, too - WHEE! Then again, Daniel Lawlor unfriended me... oh well?

Grandma, on life stages after I reminded her that my brother has an infant son (she seems not to remember meeting him EVER): "Of course your brother has a baby! He got married, so he should have one by now!" HAHAHAHA!

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