Monday, January 09, 2012

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes, AWESOME friend time, 2-1 loss

I got a package from an unfamiliar address, which apparently contained bubble wrap. When I opened it, I found that it was for a GOOD REASON: there were some BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs) perfume vials inside, along with a card from Chase AKA chasethecat! (Amber Chocolate, Florence, Undertow, Hellcat, and Intrigue) Chase also included happy face / snowman / animal / lion / monkey / Christmas / heart / dog / ornament / rose / fairy / reindeer stickers, and a long string with map triangles stuck on it. Good thing that Teunis isn't living here anymore, otherwise he'd probably complain endlessly about the perfume! (you should have heard him bitch about my scented FABRIC SHEETS for MY laundry, saying he had trouble breathing!)

Someone named Paul Iverson wanted to add me to Facebook; I only vaguely remember the name from school, but not the actual person, so DENIED! Called Steph after the 2-1 loss to the Panthers to make our dinner plans for Thursday (since they don't have to work the next day) at 6:30 at the PEACEFUL restaurant just off the Canada Line... I guess I can catch a bit of the game before I gotta leave. Seems only fair to meet her and Lisa in Vancouver! Also called Chinese Eric to update him on EVERYTHING, so YAY!

We talked about that funny email, Fay, reassurances that I wasn't mean (understandable considering the past treatment!), Nathan and Ciel, how some people are lucky during dating (like Jon and Harmony), MissionsFest, hanging out, and getting online. Also discussed our health issues (he wished me good luck with mine), medical journals, common symptoms not being just a cold or flu, early treatment, people looking for sympathy, Chinese New Year plans, Hotmail, spam (like Rolex watches), grandmothers, wheelchairs / accessibility, family time, and more stuff. That was what my heart needed - BEST AWESOME FRIENDS. :D

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