Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hot pot and Chinese Eric (dream) / MICE IN BATHROOM / Sword of Kings

I had a dream which involved Chinese Eric and me shopping for groceries, looking at some computer parts in a store behind the supermarket, and then having hot pot. Interesting - too bad hot pot is so expensive (and I'm so clumsy), otherwise I'd have it! Replied to Mandy's email, too.

FUCK. I just saw a tiny mouse make its way from the bathroom to under my heater in here - WHY?!!! Too chicken to attempt anything like luring it into a bucket and then flushing it down the toilet, though. UGH. Called Hester while it was still in the bathroom; she said stuff about mousetraps again, and that the professional guy would be here around the 20th. *sigh*

Got the very rare Sword of Kings again!

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