Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Subena, pencil statues, 5-4 shootout win in Tampa Bay

Subena is apparently back on Facebook, which is fine by me! Listened to the Tampa Bay game, while finding myself having to log off YM so I could get some damn peace and quiet! ALMOST NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO BUG ME DURING GAMES! Ryan Kesler scored with 1.4 seconds left in the second, but Tampa Bay (Ryan Malone) scored with a minute left in the third (THE PUCK WAS KICKED IN!) to force overtime and then a shootout. UGH, I COULDN'T HANDLE IT WITH THE BAD DAY I HAD! Thankfully, Mason Raymond scored and then Schneider made a GREAT save on Steve Stamkos for a 5-4 Canucks win!

Pencil-shaped iron statue in the Dusty Dunes Desert:

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