Monday, January 09, 2012

Eric Ho in dream / CNY dinner / Chrystal / Almond milk

The only part I really remember of my dream last night is that Eric Ho showed up in it, trying to use transit in a group. I know that makes no sense... but I should probably call him (AFTER the hockey game?) if even my subconscious is craving some "MOST AWESOME FRIEND TIME," haha! I checked my email trash folder to see that Mom says Chinese New Year dinner will be on Wednesday the 25th at Lin's on Broadway, and wants Steph to see if her friend Ross and his wife can come. Hey, it DOESN'T conflict with a hockey game, since it's during a rare week's break! YAY, I AM SO HAPPY! Congrats, Mom! *half-sarcastic* After last year's gong show at Shiang Garden Restaurant where it took an hour to order and THREE HOURS TO FINISH, Lin's is probably the better choice!

I called Chrystal at work to set up a dinner time; good thing her week is busy, because there are all these hockey games this week! Next Thursday the 19th sounds good to me: usual time and usual place will all work out! Briefly went out to London Drugs before the hockey game to get two cartons of almond milk (for mushroom soup / Sidekicks pasta purposes), a chicken / broccoli / cheddar Bistro Crustini (for old time's sake), and a birthday card for Grandma. Big G is at that awkward age between 90 and 95 where she'll have to make do with a simple "grandmother" birthday card, even if she won't be able to understand the English that's on it! Hahaha!

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