Sunday, January 08, 2012

Wishful thinking, horrifying screennames, and being BACK ONLINE!

While I was at the library yesterday, I responded to Mandy's email - then I played a lot of gaming at home! (which I *just* lost!) Woke up at 6 AM today, craving vegetables for some reason. Luckily, I had some in the freezer! I remembered the candy for the children, which I ended up giving to Nina and Emily - Auntie Bessy asked if I were sure about this, but I totally was! Julie C. missed out, though! Eric called to say that he had to pick up Dylan as well, which was okay by me. We talked about the front seat being jammed forward, Deb, the holidays, baby Declan, sleep issues, sleep schedules for the baby, our weeks, forgetfulness, and more on our way to church. I saw Julie M. and Denise at the crosswalk (Dylan and Eric opted to jaywalk), and we complained about the non-automatic crosswalk signals in Vancouver; they're SO UNLIKE Richmond!

Sat next to Jeremy and Mark, who greeted me. We proceeded to talk about a bunch of stuff like office hours and such. The new pastor was all right, I suppose; being a word fiend, I liked his analysis of the word "time," although it sounded like what I read on a webpage long ago! Jeremy and I laughed (well, I snorted) at the "do not get drunk on wine" Bible verse in the reading, haha! After service, I gave Dad my tax envelope while he wondered where Jon was. I talked to Enoch and Wes about Twisted Sister and other things while stupid Paul was lurking in the background - GO AWAY! Said hi to Grandma, Mrs. Ho, Jordan, Ian, Olivia, Phil, Sophia, Helen C., Mike K., and others before I simply decided to go upstairs. Saw Ada, Ashley, James ("FIRE!"), Ramen, Shira, Jessie, Rachel's grandma, Danny, Anastasia, Lanie, David, Evelyn, Mattias, Marcus, Karen I., and others in Toddler Sunday School; we discussed Mandarin, drawings, toys, slides, and more.

When I finally got out of there, Eric was looking for me, saying that my sister was doing the same thing. I initially called him a liar, until I did see her with Mom; she invited me to Pho, but I had to decline on account of Eric fixing my Internet issues AND his having no cash anyway! Got her and Lisa's work schedules, so will call them tomorrow night after the hockey game; I'll call Chrystal, too! Eric and I discussed Randal and long emails, Paul, the non-support I'm getting from my brother about that situation (DO NOT FORCE ME!), Teunis, Bible Study, LEFT FOR DEAD, the longest winter ever (which has yet to happen over here), no 12 Days of Christmas, DARKWING DUCK, video game music, and more. Yes, I included my feelings in the email I sent Randal, but that doesn't mean I'm falling in love with him again! I can always get his phone number through other means than asking him since I "lost" it four years ago, haha.

We later talked about keyboards, messy wires, routers, resetting stuff, AVG, my snowglobe, STARCRAFT and the DAY 9 DAILY guy, browsers, bottled water, what he could eat (I felt bad for delaying his lunch!), Elections Canada hand sanitizer (I'm not wasting our tax dollars by not using it!), and my fan / speakers. Then we talked about dust, my computer case, books, my not believing that email, his teasing me via character names, the lava lamp, the desktop computer, D-LINK sites, emulators, "romantic time with Chinese Eric" (WISHFUL THINKING THAT IS NOT HAPPENING SINCE HE DOESN'T SEEM TO BE READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP, AND UNDERSTANDABLY SO!), and more.

I think he was understandably horrified when James (thinking I was back online and actually at the computer - HAHAHA!) popped up on Trillian (I forgot it was on) to say hi via YM! He called me over and wondered about the screen name (it references "69"), so I told him that my friend had said it was his female friend's old one, and he had apparently never bothered to change it afterwards! Trust me, the dubious look he gave me perfectly matched the one I gave the computer screen while reading this explanation years ago! I definitely thanked him later! While catching up later, I saw that Grace H. has unfriended me / deleted her FB profile.

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