Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Macarons, Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Café, and SUGAR!

Got some cash from the bank before meeting up with Steph, Lisa, and Harmony for Macaron Day at Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Café. Turns out I didn't need it because they all refused my attempts to pay them back, but I'll use some of it to pay Eric back what I owe him! Denise snooped, and helpfully gave me directions from the Sears to Burrard; YAY FOR GOOD FRIENDS! They kinda helped, but I still got lost from Blenz downtown... good thing Lisa saw me in the half-dark on their way! Thierry was PACKED, but we managed to get a table after waiting a few minutes. We had four different macarons (lime / hazelnut / pistachio / chocolate), a fruit tart, chocolate pastries, water, and a lemon cake slice.

Discussed Winners, Mom's dog idea, the Sunday family dinner, pregnancy and the "baby gymnastics," Jon's personality as a kid, Harmony's childhood persona, what the baby MIGHT be like (hyper?), Daniel and Michelle's baby Maddie, how you can't call your own child "ugly," Lisa's sister-in-law Nicole, Gabe and Vivian, looking at open houses just because, contracts, Whistler, strata rules on Christmas lights and decorations (Feb. 5 is PLENTY OF TIME!), lychee, strawberries, kiwi, and taking one for the team as far as sweets went. Also talked about Purdy's hedgehogs (Lisa's never had them?! - then I'll buy her one in view of her diet since there's a store in Richmond Centre), diets, weddings, Dad not taking the heat in Singapore very well, the vinegar and egg concoction (NOT "afterbirth" protein source since there are better ones these days!), the lards' travel, the respite centre, our afternoons, and more. Got a train home JUST IN TIME, but really needed to pee by the time I got into Richmond - this had inevitable consequences like laundry and a quick shower (I didn't even need those on the ultrasound day!) and a TMI phone call to my sister!

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