Monday, March 19, 2012

HOG SHACK, ribs, cornbread, Corey, and INTERVENTION

Jon got to the townhouse after teaching, and we went to meet Eric at the Hog Shack soon after. I was able to wish Corey a happy birthday via MSN before we left, and got a "thanks" message when I got home - YAY! We talked about forgiveness, Paul, making a sacrifice in eating candy, beer, Jeremy and Fred staying at the Whip for at least four hours yesterday night, grudges, ribs / cornbread / salmon / rice / chicken / burgers in five minutes, curling / ice sheets / Dylan / Randal / real-life interaction (not this Friday), my being red, pizza, Harmony, airport delays, and more. The food was pretty good, although the Canucks lost 2-0 to the Wild in a mostly boring game, no thanks to an empty-net goal in the last 30 seconds! Went back to the townhouse, where we ate oranges and listened to a lot of swearing on INTERVENTION.

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