Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Macarons not being macaroons, aspirin, headaches, #9, and Auntie Evie

Jon figured that the parents' flight was delayed or cancelled, but got Steph to agree to driving me home whenever it DID get in. End result: I said I'd stay overnight so Grandma wouldn't freak out. Harmony called with an offer to go with her, Steph, and Lisa for macarons; I said I'd see. I *do* need alone time at MY PLACE for sure, and if I don't get it, I'll be cranky! Good thing I packed aspirin gelcaps, as I developed a headache just before midnight, which meant bedtime!

Imagine my surprise when my sister woke me up out of sleep at 1:20 AM, saying that she could drive me home. I said that I had to get dressed first, but that would be a good idea! I swear, I was barely coherent! Managed to dodge a hug from my mom, haha. Talked to Steph on the way home about Grandma's confusion and her broken portable radio; I said I'd see about lunch today. Got home twenty minutes later, checked my mail (nothing too important), and unpacked before sleeping at 2 AM. Woke up at around noon, and called my sister who was five minutes away: sure, I was actually up for lunch with the lards at #9 with Flora as our waitress! (and Uncle Percy / Auntie Eva / Auntie Evie) Talked about my sister's and my understanding of Cantonese, my parents' trip, Auntie Evie's son Jason (he'll be here in June) and the Edmonton Chinese service, rides to Dawn and Eni's wedding on Saturday, Bryant / his mom Auntie Helen / Shirley / his past girlfriends, noodles, congee, grocery shopping, and more.

After that, my family went to Langley Farm Market. Discussed the weird TV shows I'd been watching (I "forced" Big G to watch INTERVENTION last night), Grandma's paranoia with the house key that Valerie left for me, bananas, onions, buying a LOT of ginger, that post-birth vinegar and egg concoction on the birth of grandchildren, Jon needing to cut down on alcohol consumption (a pint and a half of beer may have done me in yesterday), my being a really sound sleeper (sister had to SHAKE me awake), my knowing how to moderate my own beer consumption, Mexican tequila, and more. Then we went to Yaohan after a coffee stop at McDonalds: my sister and I saw pig snouts, entire pig ears, and entire PIG HEADS for sale at the supermarket! We also bumped into Pastor Edward! Mom bought $100 worth of stuff like noodles, Chinese buns, vinegar, on-sale seafood mixes (she said it was fine that I ate it - my sister liked the protein I got), oranges, crab, and more. At least she thanked me for doing stuff like watering the plants and taking the recycling / garbage out! Steph said I did a good job of looking after Grandma - hey, I'm not going to leave her alone to freak out!

I changed my mind about going to Macaron Day once Steph said they had coconut in them; I remember that from when Harmony made them. Turns out we were both confusing those with macaroons! When I got home, I was afraid that catching up would take forever, but it didn't take a zillion hours. (my strategy of not being on Trillian mostly worked; DARN MY FAST FRIENDS!) The transit directions to Thierry don't seem TOO bad, as long as I can figure out how to get there from Vancouver City Centre! (Harmony said it was just across the street) I have to get some cash out anyway, but I'll shower and such first. Also, I need to finish my library books and return them within a week. That should totally be doable!

Jason Russell (founder of Invisible Children) has a three-year-old boy named Gavin Danger and a one-year-old girl named Everley Darling. WTF at those names. o_O

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