Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hockey hangouts are EXCELLENT plans! / Grammar Correction Cat

Chinese Eric said hi on MSN at about 9:40, which was the first thing in a bit to make me grin! Gotta love good friends! Turns out the "moving" thing was actually "helping out family friends, and family-related stuff" - PHEW! Of course I updated him on things around here! Talked about my parents' cruise / lost luggage, funny CRACKED articles, the Duncan Keith hit on Daniel Sedin (concussion / resulting suspension of only five games), my upcoming crazy weekend, Harmony's pregnancy, Nathan getting back, hanging out next weekend before the playoffs start (OF COURSE!), HOARDERS, and more. Always good to talk to him, at least. *grin*

He says the Vancouver game against Calgary on CBC next Saturday should be good, and he'll call to confirm on Friday or Saturday. SOUNDS LIKE AN EXCELLENT PLAN! Discussed EXTREME COUPONING ("raid those homes in case of war or recession, hahaha!"), MY STRANGE ADDICTION ("I'm happy we're on the NORMAL side!"), and other weird TV shows... he makes me laugh, and I like that! I'm not surprised that he saw an episode of EXTREME COUPONING where one woman had 54 family-size detergent bottles in her collection! At around midnight, we agreed that it had been nice talking to each other, and that it was also late. He bid me goodnight as per our usual "moon emoticon" thing, which I'd missed. YAY FOR GOOD FRIENDS!

Siobhan found this excellent picture, which is SO me:

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