Sunday, March 18, 2012

Caesar's / Nail polish, 38KKK breasts, eating tape, and more

Grandma dropped her portable radio in the bathroom (why take it in there in the first place?!) - AIYA! Watched THE SIMPSONS and MY STRANGE ADDICTION: a lady addicted to drinking urine (and brushing her teeth with it), a lady addicted to her 38KKK breasts (holy plastic surgery!), a black woman addicted to eating tape, someone addicted to digging into her ears, and someone addicted to drinking nail polish. Grandma is NOT impressed with Nail Polish Lady, that's for sure!

We finally got going for dinner at about 8, but Caesar's is only across the street. She was under the impression that Dairy Queen still sells fish burgers, but I told her NO. We had sockeye salmon, salad, seafood soup, mussels, prawns, (garlic) bread, (hot) water, butter, tomato bruschetta, and more. Talked about bread and noodles at home, oranges, her "being able to walk to Steveston Village" (no), and Jon.

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