Friday, March 23, 2012

Purdy's, peace and quiet, hermitude, and crazy weekends

Went to Richmond Centre this afternoon to get a 3-pack of Purdy's chocolate hedgehogs for Lisa to try - I forgot that yesterday, and I certainly won't have time tomorrow! I secured my peace and quiet for my weekly tradition (which went faster this week for some reason) when I got home with an hour to spare, too! fate_envies_us unfriended me on LJ, but I guess that's normal.

I had to laugh when Eric sent me an email about how I'd signed out on MSN and my phone was apparently disconnected / off the hook. Hey, I'm SERIOUS about my hermitude, especially right before a crazy weekend with a wedding / wedding banquet / church / double baby shower / family dinner! I think I just might continue this into next week! Thank goodness the wedding is in the afternoon; Dad says they'll pick me up at about 1 or so.

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