Sunday, January 15, 2012

SNOW! / Brian, Stella, orchids, dreaming, and drug counselling

Had a dream where a whole bunch of people were gathering in the old church balcony: Auntie Ying was holding a girl grandchild (no idea why my subconscious thinks Micah should be a girl!), and Andrea and I were entertaining said baby. Steph was talking to our group for the first time since 2002 about emotional stuff, Billy and Stella had orchids everywhere, Eric M. was trying to get my attention from the back of the room, and Brian got fired because he forgot to show up for his drug counselling psychology job. WEIRD! Got up to find out that there was SNOW outside - guess I'm not going out! Vanessa got on MSN to confirm that I knew Wayne's last name... yup, it's also Snow!

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