Friday, January 20, 2012

Garages, CBC All-Star Game, debacles, scheduling life

Tried calling Chinese Eric, but his mom said he was in the garage. He got on MSN a while later; said he'd been out having dinner and visiting his sick grandma. Says we can hang out next weekend at my place (CBC!), which is probably better for me! The All-Star Game on Sunday at 1 definitely sounds like a good idea! If he did send me an MSN message earlier, I didn't get it! *sad face*

I had to laugh when he thought I was playing too many online games, hahahaha. I updated him on everything in regards to the K debacle, of course. We discussed feelings, jerks, 1 PM games, East Coast scheduling, scheduling your life, staying home, the cold / icy weather not making us want to go out much, MissionsFest (so we get to hang out TWICE next weekend... YAYNESS!), my concern for him about eating, his being tired, and chatting later. I know I can count on him, for sure!

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