Sunday, January 15, 2012

Natalie, Siobhan, bacon, stranded, Phantom Train, FIRE!

Natalie requested through a FB message that I stop tagging her in these video game screen shots - fair enough! Siobhan asked (also via FB message) what the difference was between Canadian and American bacon, and what we called it up here; I had almost no idea, so she'll ask Billie N. instead! Eric bugged me about his meeting tomorrow; well then, I'm not going if I know I'll get stranded! Of course, I told him about the "standing Sunday lunch invite," heh. Thank goodness he knows about the "two to three weeks" thing; BS is too religious for me! (yes, I *know* it's BIBLE STUDY and supposed to be so, but still)

A reference to BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD in FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE, right after Kefka sets fire to Castle Figaro:

The Phantom Train dining car:

Kefka, with timeless "battle wisdom":

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