Wednesday, January 18, 2012

THE WORLD IS SQUARE (Darill's Tomb) / Another 3-2 shootout loss / Chinese Eric

Listened to a 3-2 shootout loss to the Kings, but at least the Canucks get their first three-day break in two months after that game. *sigh* Called Chinese Eric briefly: we discussed his cousin possibly coming; MSN; his mom being non-committal about that; hangouts this weekend if it doesn't happen; his being busy; his calling Harmony my sister-in-law (which has never happened, but I know who he means); my not being able to talk properly (WORK IT OUT, BRAIN!); Nathan; and Jon. We also talked about time with his grandma; his calling me on Friday (I don't do skating, so I'm not going anywhere then!); the snow impeding his going out (same here - and I wouldn't want him to go out in the snow and such if he doesn't have to!); and how it was good to hear from me again. Hey, I keep up with my good friends when I can, and I did need that!

THE WORLD IS SQUARE, in Darill's Tomb:

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