Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dead socks, venting with Billie, and BABY DRAGON for Ayler!


Of all the people, AUNTIE YING added me to Facebook... eep, hahaha! I'm also losing it since I thought a pair of socks on top of my DILBERT comic book was a dead animal... specifically, an animal that doesn't even exist in real life! (the Sword Rat enemy from FINAL FANTASY IV) Managed to check everything in fifteen minutes after getting up at 9:55 - YAY FOR NO CHURCH! :D

Met Billie at White Spot for our early lunch - of course, I brought some pictures of Ayler in a binder! She was late, but it was all good since I'd also brought a book to read. We discussed James, Chinese Eric, Scott, Sara, Aaron, Evan, NEEDING ALONE TIME AWAY FROM FAMILY AND OTHERS, Vegas, Jamaica, people who just DON'T GET IT when they're being assholes, communication breakdowns, her work stress, Dorna, growing apart from people, bills, the good feeling you get when you finally tell someone exactly what you think of them, forgiveness, burger cravings, burritos, North Vancouver, feelings for other people complicating things, Ken, artwork, ideas, Coke in the freezer exploding, Jeremy, Ryan, Matt, divorces, gossip, Jairus, Montreal, sex, Coquitlam, writing, ideas, and more. I told her what had happened right before Christmas with Teunis, what had happened at New Year's and a bit later with Korey and his stupid friend Amanda, plus what happened a couple weeks ago with Randal. YEAH RIGHT, I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYWAY! After that, I went into Zellers to see if they had cheap shoes - they were on sale, but I couldn't find any in my size, so left to go to Lansdowne instead. I finally found a spare pair in my size which fit, then went to the dollar store to get HUGE gift bags for the crystal plates / a stuffed red dragon for baby Ayler (I couldn't resist) / a farewell card for Auntie Rebecca. I'm normally opposed to giving out religious cards, but it works in this situation - besides, the blurb inside worked best out of the available selection for the occasion!

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