Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Psychotically?! / Caleb, Marissa, Connor, Carol, Stuart at WHITE SPOT

Talked to Vanessa on MSN about ONLINE DRAMA before I tagged 1000 screenshot pictures and left for White Spot. For some reason, I decided to price out hats at Coast Mountain Sports... $31.99 for a hat?! OH, MY LORD! It wasn't too bad busing from Vancouver City Centre to that White Spot - thank goodness I saw it out the window! Unfortunately, that asshole Stuart (he IS very British) was there, but I did what I said I'd do, and ignored him all evening. (I'm very good at that) I had the Bishop's Curry - we discussed hockey news, Zach Parise, the Detroit Red Wings, the Bruins-Canucks Cup final, the Nashville Predators, Caleb / Marissa / Connor / Carol, Facebook people, Ayler photos, towing cars, baseball / cricket / football, losing Salo and Rome, Connor meeting Pekka Rinne, Seattle, Denny's, rides to the Canada Line station, and more. I played with Connor a bit, speaking into his mouth as his dad held him upside down. Got home at 9, and promptly started some much-needed laundry. Now I hear from Carol that Stuart thinks I'm a sweet lovely person because I was respectful and courteous while participating in what conversation I could?! Crazy times!

"And Ghido the Sage is calling Krile... like, psychotically?" HAHAHAHA!

Meeting Caleb and Marissa at the Georgia White Spot:

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