Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Before I left, Lisa's cousin Lindsay finally added me to Facebook - nice! I was ready to go at 5 when Eric called, after defeating an Adamantoise boss... but I almost went out with my pants on backwards, though. FAIL! I had to apologize to Eric since I was late even by my standards - yes, that WOULD be a kindergarten faux pas! Didn't discuss too much on the way over (he did wonder about Eric Ho since it's football season), although he did say that I had to be drunk - nope! Went to CHOICES to get some collard greens, and I had a rant about some guy who claimed he was ahead of us in line despite being BEHIND us - YOU ARE STUPID! Got to Jeremy's - eventually saw him, Mark, Sarah, Christon, Jen (OF COURSE), Quan, Gino, Eric M., Connie, Lesley, Cindy, Jon / Harmony / Ayler, and some friends of Randal's. Good thing the baby was there - when I got tired of normal adult conversation, I could always spend time in the spare room with the baby, who was in his roomy playpen moving about and making sounds! Yup, I also held him as well, trying to support him as best I could! I talked to him about a bunch of stuff, and telling him "it's okay, baby - I'm here!" if he started fussing. Gave Randal his card and almonds, and talked to him later about aging (grand)parents / screenshots (as Gino did) / his brother / Port Moody for a while.

Had fried chicken, Chinese-style chicken, rosemary chicken, beans, salad, collard greens, SCOTCH, juice, Quan's mango pudding, carrot cake, black forest cake, cookies, chocolate cake, cherry cobbler, cherries, and more food. I was going to save a plate for Harmony since the baby decided he was hungry, but Jon said she'd already asked him - he did say I was very thoughtful, however. Talked about Steph and Lisa's wedding photos (which Jeremy DID get to see), games, Deb, church stuff (bleh), teaching, plans, stupid baby names ("-ayden" ... Cindy wouldn't call them stupid, but I WOULD!), and baby care. Later, a few of us stayed to see Christon's England / Scotland photos: Isabel! Sheep! Nathan's cramped dorm room! Hostels! Morbid stories and graveyards! HAGGIS! ACCENTS! It was all pretty interesting, for sure!

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