Monday, July 02, 2012

Tacky singing / Skits / Tule perverts!

Eric called at 5:45... yup, I was pretty much ready to go! We discussed church, the screwed-up service order, Christon, tomorrow's plans (I'm game if he's gotta cook early), Pastor Bob, what I did today, the Great Banquet parable, his NOT going to Eunice and Eddie's wedding, Euro 2012, Spain beating Italy 4-0, and more on the way to Floata. At the banquet, we sat with Billy / Stella / Tim / Maxine / Chung Yan / Karen I. / Mattias / Marcus / Lanie. Discussed the crazy wedding that Phil and Grace had been to yesterday (fighting as "entertainment"), the very odd Chinese cultural thing of singing and skits [most of which went WAY over our heads since we don't understand!] to say farewell ("we should do our own tacky songs / karaoke IN ENGLISH when Phil leaves, so EVERYONE can understand!"), Eric saying that he might have a Chinese wedding if he decides to marry a Chinese girl if she wants one, job info, summer plans, the Vegas wedding, Benjamin / Noah / Joshua / Emma, baby Ayler, shrimp chips / chicken / soup / celery / tea, shark's fin soup, the Chinatown Night Market, and more. Said hi to Auntie Vivian, Mary, Reigan, Mike K. and Eric T. (who both liked the SILVER BLING necklace), Harrison (who hates Luongo and Schneider - he likes the Bruins), Andrew L., Hannah W. (who's now taller than I am), Victor, and more people.

I spotted Auntie Ying, so had to ask what she was doing on Facebook. Phil told her that she had to learn because then she can see pictures of Micah growing up, haha. Sounds good enough to me - tempt her with grandchild photos! Of course, she's still learning her way around an iPad, and I can't help her with that. Maybe we'll get together after Phil leaves! I also had to update Chrystal on recent events; things seem genuine, so we'll see. The farewell banquet was kind of like a wedding, as people were clinking on their glasses to get Pastor James to give Pastor Rebecca a kiss in front of everyone! (and there were photos in a certain order) When we went up on stage for our photo, I had to ask Jessica L. to help me down! Of course, I thanked her. On the way home, Eric and I discussed FINAL FANTASY / Irish accents / promotion for a TV show called SUITS / monks / knights / thieves / Mario's Gelati people NOT being happy / odd locations for Drunk Driving Counterattack (going INTO Vancouver instead of OUT OF there?!) / tomorrow.

Hockey-related WTF moments tonight, while Eric and I were listening to Team 1040 [FREE AGENCY DAY!] on the way home:

* Wait... why is Detroit in the Western Conference if they're across the river from Windsor?! (Eric says that this is because there are a lot of teams in the Eastern Conference already) Even I know my geography a bit better than that...

* I misheard "Tanner Glass" as "Canner Plax," and wondered just what kind of name THAT was! (I have a definite opinion on names in my spare time :P)

* Upon hearing that the Rangers (?) replaced someone with Aaron Asham (spelling?), I said: "They replaced him with AN AIR MATTRESS?! Nice! That's one of the weirdest sports transactions I've heard of..." Hahaha, poor Eric had to tell me that I was engaging in creative listening yet again!

This guy in the Tule pub is a pervert (looking at the onstage dancers) who tells us to get our minds out of the gutter!

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