Saturday, July 07, 2012

Omega Mk. II room EXIT CLOSED?! / Fabul monk dancer is a MALE!

Mom called to say I should be waiting for them at 1:15. Eddie and Eunice's wedding starts MORE THAN TWO HOURS later, but I guess if they have stuff to do, and it takes ages to get to West Van anyway... *grumble* Oh well, it's not like I can get out of the Omega Mk. II room for some reason; a door which SHOULD be open is now SHUT TIGHT! (and this with only ONE monster left... I GIVE UP! The game is just fucking with me...) She said stuff about shortening my pants (yes, get on that!) / giving me some of Grandma's handtowels, facecloths, and bath towels (er...) / some barbecue for Dogwood Lodge families when they'll be in Russia / visiting Ayler briefly. Of course I know I should replace my towels and cloths every so often: WHY DO YOU THINK I BUY NEW ONES SOMETIMES?! Ugh.

OH MY GOD! This "female" dancer in Fabul's castle of monks is actually a male! (FINAL FANTASY IV ADVANCE)

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