Friday, July 06, 2012

FINALLY defeating Omega: Mirage Vests and Thundaga Spellblade!

After much frustration over three hours, I managed to defeat Omega by using the power of Mirage Vests (IMAGE STATUS) / Coral Rings (fire protection), and a pre-emptive strike! I used it to power up my blades with Thundaga Spellblade, then used Rapid-Fire on Faris... I think it was a fluke! The game started to lag for the first time in a couple of days, so I quickly saved it before I had to restart the computer. WOOYEAH! (and this is only ONE of the superbosses, and I'll have to face a whole room of them in the Sealed Temple's Tomb of Memory later!)

Note to self: Do not ever play FINAL FANTASY V ADVANCE or FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE ever again.

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