Thursday, July 05, 2012

Ribena, Metamucil, syringe trends, glittery postcard, and lip balm

Steph said that Mom had a horrific experience, but I think Grandma had it more since she was the one who fell, sustaining an apparently ugly bruise. Of course she's depressed if she's at the nursing home! I went to visit her today, although she spent most of the time sleeping / in the washroom cleaning; busing back wasn't too bad at all, and I could do this maybe every other day if I wanted! Mom got me some Ribena, says Eunice and Eddie's wedding is at 3:30 (but we have to leave at 2 for some Jon-and-Harmony-related reason), thinks Holly will have to feed baby Ayler with her finger and syringe ("you don't know why this new trend is here? but you know everything!"), invited me for lunch tomorrow with Steph / Lisa / Grandma (but I'd have to bus to the restaurant - not the doctor's appointment), and said stuff about books. After making Grandma tell me who I was (testing her memory), I was outta there - I just missed a Cambie bus, ugh! Went to London Drugs, where I took the plunge and bought some on-sale Metamucil (150% the size of the regularly-priced ones) of my own, along with noodles and soy milk and four different kinds of on-sale juice. (Minute Maid's orange juice, Minute Maid tropical orange juice, Nestea lemon iced tea, and Five Alive citrus juice)

Siobhan got my glittery Vegas postcard and Canucks lip balm from London Drugs, which she says tastes fruity! It took her two weeks to check her mailbox, but that's okay since she had other things (like sickness) going on:

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