Saturday, February 04, 2012

HETALIA neighborhood / Hour of napping here and there

Had an hour of napping, then found out that Amanda C. apparently plans to close her FB account. I have no good reason to ask for her cell number or street address, that's for sure! The I decided to go to sleep at 8:30 or so, which only resulted in another hour of sleep snatched. Got up from THAT to discover a message sent about ten minutes after I'd gone to rest. Thank goodness I wasn't as prone to overreact as I would have been earlier in the day, that's for sure! Then white Eric tried calling me, but I wasn't in the mood to call him back... I think I should wait till tomorrow to figure stuff out!

Your Hetalia Neighbourhood by Erihia
Your name
Your age
Annoying NeighborChina
Bad companyAmerica
Most handsome guyIceland
Most handsome galBelgium
ExS. Italy
Boyfriend / girlfriendCanada
Your loverAmerica
Protects you from the bullySweden
Rich playboy guyKorea
Police officerPoland
Old lady who lives in that scary housePoland
Old man who yells at the skySweden
Homeless personLatvia
Best Friend Forever!!!HRE
In jailHungary
Lives under your houseHong Kong
Maniac who is in a mental hospitalBelarus
Wants to kill youDoitsu
Ice cream truck driverLithuania
Wants to **** youGermania
Steals your newspaperKorea
Burglar who stole your spongeEgypt
Licks your shoesGrandpa Rome
Kicks your trashcan:N. Italy
Eats the trashHolland
Lives in a doghouse in your gardenHolland
Thinks he / she lives with youEstonia
Got kidnapped by aliens...Korea
And transformed intoRuler of the world!
Will I update this mini-quiz?Yeeeeeees...
Who am I really?S. Italy
Yes... become one with me!You: ... Baka.

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