Friday, February 03, 2012

Restraint, wasabi peanuts, and NO evenings with Mr. Ho!

Took a much-needed nap, and got up to a missed call and a missed MSN buzz from Eric. I had to call him back to see what he wanted; he asked if I were coming out tonight. After restraining myself as far as cursing went, I said that I didn't know what to bring! He said to bring my piles of chips and candy - just what the heck has HE been reading about my shopping habits?! I countered that I had wasabi peanuts (which need to be opened anyway, by someone who is NOT me), but THEY WEREN'T A FUCKING DINNER ITEM! (only I used some other word in place of the "bad" one :P) Yes, I knew that there wouldn't be that many people coming to Kevin's, and that there will be curry / pasta salad, but STILL!

He got a grudging acceptance from me, and then proceeded to bug me about the hockey game tomorrow. "Don't tell me you're going to bed by 10:30 tonight to make it for the game at noon, because we both know that's not going to happen." I said that I had to save money anyway (thank GOODNESS that I didn't go out with Vanessa today!), so then he bugged me about "evenings with Mr. Ho" - VERY FUNNY! I haven't contacted him since last week (which was LOVELY!), only because he does need space and time to do his own family stuff and all. White Eric is crazy... *shakes head*

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