Saturday, February 04, 2012

Homemade blueberry pie, CARS, flatbread, and teasing me

When Eric picked me up, he gave me a dubious look when I said that I had to get a cuter hat for tonight - the other one was too BLUE! Yes, I am weird. Hey, maybe I want to look cuter than usual when I actually go out to see my friends, which happens more rarely these days! We talked about the lunch for Pastor Bob in two weeks (NOT Sunday as I originally thought!), Chinese Eric (PHO IS NOT ROMANTIC!), what I was doing to make the Canucks lose (especially in last night's shootout - THAT IS NOT MY FAULT!), Steph and Lisa's "news," passports, my being "drunk," my hoping someone didn't hate me for not really talking to them for the past two days (NOT ERIC HO!), stupid drivers, and more prior to getting on Kevin's street. Then his car was essentially boxed in; very annoying!

We found Kevin putting the finishing touches on some homemade curry, so I asked Eric to open the container of wasabi peanuts for me. HE TWISTED THE LID OFF! Damn, I felt like an idiot! My brain didn't even think of THAT at all! At least I got it open, which was my motivation in bringing it tonight! Geoffrey brought some sushi, and Albert brought some shrimp - we haven't seen Albert in at least a year or so, maybe! Everyone had pasta salad, shrimp, sushi, curry, green onion flatbread (like green onion pancakes), sugar and honey in the homemade chai tea (Eric's dietary restrictions?!), homemade blueberry pie, ice cream, and more while talking about Surrey and White Rock / youth / working / RPG / police work opportunities / STARCRAFT II / food health inspections / Houston / Canucks / J.J. Bean's owner being a Christian / Dan Hamhuis, Wally Buono, and David Booth also being open about their Christian faith / annoying phone calls / the best way to reach me / answering machines / IM.

Eric had brought quite a selection of movies, like BATMAN BEGINS / ALICE IN WONDERLAND / EASY RIDER / BATMAN AND ROBIN / THE DARK KNIGHT. Geoffrey was looking through it, and I told him that Eric DID love his Batman movies! We ended up watching Cars - well, almost all of it. There was a scratch near the end of the movie, and Kevin couldn't find his remote afterwards! We could pretty much tell how it ended, anyway - Eric and Kevin had to discuss budget stuff for a bit later, too. On the way home after getting out of the tough parking situation, Eric bugged me about the Super Bowl - yes, of COURSE my Internet friends will likely discuss the game on Facebook and LJ! (so I cannot escape even if I wish to) Also talked about my "best friend" Paul (HELL NO!), Randal, menthol, lotion, gum, my not being on drugs, crab, certain things which seemed really American since we've NEVER heard of them, my making him deaf when he suggested something to do with Chinese Eric, how I was NOT going to eat the entire thing of wasabi peanuts in one sitting now that I had it open, the church website, his sound or worship duties, and more.

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