Thursday, February 02, 2012

FINISHED SOUL SHRINE! / Unwell stomach / Kevin potluck

Bleh - my stomach feels unwell! Replied to Mandy's and Bryan's emails, and was determined on at least a few levels today! I saw emails about a potluck / movie at Kevin's tomorrow night, or maybe volunteering at a math contest (WTF) with Geoffrey on Saturday afternoon too. The only thing about tomorrow is... MY BELOVED WEEKLY TRADITION! Hahaha! Saturday is OUT for me because of the hockey game - PRIORITIES, PEOPLE!

The pre-game show had some guy with a really annoying voice providing his commentary... thank goodness it was only for a few minutes, but I still had to turn the radio off for a bit! It's Todd Bertuzzi's 37th birthday today, too. Had to eat my Snyder's of Hanover BUFFALO HOT WINGS PRETZEL PIECES as we played the Detroit Red Wings tonight! However, Detroit won 4-3 in a shootout. *sigh*

I FINALLY FINISHED THE SOUL SHRINE AND DRAGON'S DEN IN FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE, THUS I HAVE COMPLETED THE WHOLE GAME! What a challenge... a marathon of 128 battles! I was lucky even if the Kaiser Dragon killed off two of my characters!


Go, do, dog! (after almost everyone in Tazmily has left for New Pork City)

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