Thursday, August 09, 2012

Saying goodbye to Yvonne, vase breaking, and Havarti

Good thing I checked my trash folder this morning, since Mom has stated that Yvonne is leaving soon, and I could go to Dogwood to see Grandma and say goodbye to Yvonne. That lined up with my own plans - thank goodness I finished copying and pasting enemy names to my draft posts at 2:30 AM, and finally finished the tag lists at 3 PM! Finally finished the bagels and wafers, along with the FARMHOUSE rice. Called Steph to advise her of my plans; I'm sure I'll meet their new dog Havarti soon, even if Big G didn't like the dog licking her face in greeting! My vase from Elizabeth (which I've been using to store laundry money) broke, too! I've had that for more than ten years! Managed to buy a clear case at the drug mart across the street from Dogwood, which was less than $1.75 - very affordable!

Saw Yvonne, William, and Andrea in Big G's room with Mom - Grandma was trying on some new shoes in her wheelchair. Talked a bit to Andrea, who said they'd gone to Whistler and did some shopping, and were leaving tomorrow at 1. I'm sure she was bored, but there's nothing to be done about that. Took some photos, and tried getting Grandma to walk a few steps; that would have been fine, except she fell down! Luckily, Dad was there to grab her! Andrea gave me a piece of peach Hi-Chew candy, prompted by her mom. I told her that I'd save it for later, heh. An angry person is living there who has an infectious disease... AIYA! When we said bye to Grandma (who thought she was in a hotel or at home - a floating hotel!), Yvonne was crying afterwards. That totally makes sense! At least I got a ride home; Mom wants me to go visit Big G at least once a week, which of course I shall do! Now. it's back to DRAGON WARRIOR III!

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