Saturday, August 11, 2012

Defeating EIGHT Metal Slimes! / Whiteout, hand sanitizer, and pens!

When I called Eric at 2 to say I'd go to the BBQ, Ron told me that he was already at church! Oh well... since I wanted to go out anyway, I went to Staples briefly in the hot weather. Got mini hand sanitizer x12 (replacing mine from Elections Canada which Eric gave me last May), whiteout x6, and Z-Grip blue pens x48. I also got 20 bonus pens in various colors, so that should do me for some time. Didn't trust the Xeno gel pens, heh. Saw Roberta on the bus (which I just managed to get) as I was going home, as well.

I defeated EIGHT Metal Slimes around Samanao! (with the help of a "flaming breath" code) 11,040 EXPERIENCE POINTS FOR EACH CHARACTER! :D

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