Friday, August 10, 2012

Assaram Water Blaster: Yikes! / Isis Treasure

Eric called just now to see if I wanted to help marinate chicken and chop up veggies for tomorrow's Skeena Terrace BBQ. I have a feeling that I'll just be in the way: "Get Stanford or Kevin to do that!" I told him. He's right when he says that it sounds like I don't want to come. I'm not against helping out, but I'll figure that out tomorrow!

In the DW3 town of Assaram (I know...), there's a guy whose quote is really missing the start of whatever he was going to say! "Ot so bad"?!

You can also fight a Demonite for a Water Blaster in Assaram, which you can then use on people with hilarious results: "Yikes! This is cold!"

I looted the treasure chests in Isis Castle at night, and returned the next day. The guards of the left and right treasure rooms tell me the same thing: "All the treasure of the castle belongs to the queen." Too bad that I already stole the 64 GOLD, 72 GOLD, a WING OF WYVERN, and an INTELLIGENCE SEED!

You mean the WAYFARER'S CLOTHES, ACORNS OF LIFE, POISON MOTH POWDER, and 80 GOLD that I stole last night while you were sleeping, Mr. Guard?

Wow! This treasure chest in the Pyramid north of Isis? It's actually a Man-Eater Chest!

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