Friday, January 27, 2012


Tried calling Chinese Eric, with no answer... that's fine since he called me back and said he'd give me a lift at about 5:30! As long as he eats at home first (thus watching everyone else eat in the food court before MissionsFest), this should be AWESOME! Also called Barry to set up a food shopping appointment; Monday at noon sounds okay if I can get up in time, haha. White Eric called later, presumably to see what I was doing tonight; since I was in the middle of a battle, I didn't pick up. (okay, I never pick up, but anyway!) I left him a message saying I'd be there later, hahaha. Then he called me back, and I said that Eric Ho and I would both be at the food court after he picked me up. I don't care what he thinks, haha!

"OH MY PORK!" is a relatively common exclamation in MOTHER 3, here used by DCMC in concert at Club Tittiboo:

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