Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Copa Café, Mattias, Marcus, ribeye steak, too-mushy cards

Woke up pretty early, but it was okay - got a couple of surprising messages from James and Ryan, which were a plus! Auntie Catherine said that she'd bring her grandkids Mattias and Marcus along to the Copa Café, which was easy to find from the King Edward Station - it's been forever since I've eaten a meal with kids who are 3 and 1, hahaha. Turns out they got there in the rainy weather before I did, but it was perfectly fine. I noted that all the water and tea glasses were being kept well away from Marcus, who wants to grab everything in sight - like Benjamin at that age, haha. Auntie Catherine asked what I'd prefer to eat: ribeye steak (for the iron) and eggs (for the protein) it was!

She said that she missed me on Sundays, wondered whether there was a reason why I wasn't going to church lately, and said I could call her after 9 PM if I ever wanted to talk about it. Trust me, she doesn't want to know the reasons (other than a crazy sleep schedule) - that involves some things I'm really not comfortable with discussing, actually! (my sister / my own feelings on religion) She wondered whether my family had had CNY dinner yet; when I said tomorrow would be it, she asked whether it had anything to do with Steph's work schedule, and wondered what my sister did besides work. She's so gentle and means well, but I don't have the heart to tell her anything beyond the superficial "she's pretty busy with work and a lot of stuff in her off time!" Well, I wouldn't anyway, but you know what I mean. I definitely don't need people to PRAY FOR MY SOUL!

Speaking of prayer, Mattias said that we had to pray before we ate, after becoming impatient to eat Chinese buns with butter. Why not... he's a cute kid, and I have enough respect for his grandmother! He wanted everyone else's food, of course - I wasn't surprised! I talked to him about cars, trucks, buses, rice, noodles, bread, school, friends, and other simple topics while asking a fussy baby Marcus if he wanted water. I had to hold Marcus for a few minutes while Auntie Catherine went off with Mattias to the washroom; while he was fussing, I tried my best to send out "I AM NOT ABUSING THIS KID - HE'S JUST FUSSY!" vibes to the other people in the restaurant, haha. I politely thanked her after brunch (she also offered me some of her noodles with preserved vegetables, too) - good thing it included COFFEE! Mattias also wondered if I had presents for him - HAHAHAHA, no! I'm chill about that kind of "rudeness" from kids, since it could be so much worse!

Also went shopping for some minor stuff (toilet paper / on-sale pads / Steph's birthday card / pasta sauce which Eric can help me open) at London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart afterwards. The one problem with family-oriented greeting cards is that most of them are TOO MUSHY for my usual taste! (note: I don't DO mushy / sentimental / emotional unless there is a VERY GOOD reason for such) While I was walking to the door, Bob spotted me and said hey - I smiled and said the same thing. Good to see him, actually! Might take a nap before the hockey game starts at 7, haha.

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