Thursday, January 26, 2012

Almost all MOTHER 3 items / Bottled water, peeing, Trillian history

Went to the clinic for my procedure, but the main problem was that I *really* needed to pee! I did follow directions and drank a LOT of bottled water... I was relieved in more than one way when that was over, let me tell you! When I got home after having yin-yang bubble tea at Big Orange, I also FINALLY found where my Trillian message history was stored; of course, it would have to be in the MOST AWKWARD PLACE EVER! Oh, Windows 7... luckily, I could change it!

The following screenshots are from my previous playthrough of MOTHER 3, and contain almost all the items in the game:

Lighter's Lumber to Strong Gloves:

Magic Gloves to Canine Weapon:

DCMC Pamphlet to Black Collar:

Striped Collar to Ordinary Hat:

Cow Hat to Taurus Bracelet:

Gemini Bracelet to Edible Mushroom:

Innit Tea to White Croissant:

Cup of Pork Noodles to Rich Kid Stew:

Rich Parfait to Cup of Life Noodles:

Hot Spring Egg to Attack Attractor:

Made-You-Look to Ice Pendant:

Thunder Pendant to Lydia's Memento:

Kid's Shirt to Aeolia's Memento:

Pencil Eraser to Tazmily Map:

Battle Memory to Factory Sketch:

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