Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year dinner at Lin's

When Mom and Dad picked me up, Grandma asked me what I was doing at that place! Seems she's forgotten that I've lived here for more than ten years now, and she also forgot it was Chinese New Year! Mom told me not to expect any red pockets, but I wouldn't! Steph's friends Ross and his Chinese wife Winnie showed up at Lin's; we discussed Harmony's pregnancy, babysitting, signing cards, cheesecake, pineapples, pets, dogs, cats, "Sarne," vegetarian rice, green onion pancakes, certain events in June, Dawn's wedding, work, and fire dragons.

Also talked of teasing me about a Valentine's Day bash with Eric Ho (COUGAR?! MRS. ROBINSON?!), gambling and mah-jonng, how I could be with Mr. Creep or Paul (NO THANK YOU!), Paul getting swiped by a car yesterday (unsure if I'd wish that on him), how he apparently wants to let bygones be bygones, SLB, special CNY dishes, Fred, Canadian Tire, toilet paper, and more. I was still glad to get home, even if Mom did give me $10 and Black Diamond cheese! Apparently, they had a car accident in early December, and are going to Russia for two weeks in July.

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