Monday, January 23, 2012

MARIO music / Emergency laundry and showers / Bob and eviction

Woke up with MARIO music stuck in my head, haha. Then I discovered that I had to do an emergency load of laundry and take an emergency shower; I was NOT impressed! While I was doing that, I saw a notice from my neighbor Bob the Bike Guy - apparently, the management is evicting him for being half a month late on rent, despite his being here for 25 years! Then I saw him, so we chatted for a few minutes about that situation. I also told him about the mouse I'd seen; yeah, the glue traps don't seem to do much! He said he'll mention the mice as well to Global (the local news station which doesn't like the management company too much), so that's something. I also replied to Mandy's email, heh.

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