Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hinawa pajamas / Flint and Fuel half pitch-black / HARD MODE CHALLENGE!

Decided to replay MOTHER 3, this time on HARD MODE for the challenge! Eric said he was doing sound this morning, too. However, I couldn't sleep till 6:45 AM, so I ended up staying home! Guess I'll explain later...

Carol B. also sent me a message telling me not to tag her in photos that she's not in. Oh, get the fuck off your high horse, lady. I was tagging you in my own written blurb to a photo I found online because I thought you'd be interested. (it did involve cats - you have five of them, right?!) NOT THE SAME FUCKING THING. Totally unsubscribed! Fuck that. Yes, I am in a bitchy mood... I'm protecting my Trillian people from that for their own good!

Hinawa telling Lucas he stay inside in his pajamas for the rest of his life if he doesn't change to play with Claus and the Drago babies:

Hey, look! After escaping from a burning shack, Flint and Fuel are half pitch-black when they soak in the healing hot springs in the forest!

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