Wednesday, January 25, 2012

James, Susan, Auntie Donna (dream) / CHOCOLATE DIGESTIVES!

Little surprises and acts of thoughtfulness make me happy, and I woke up in a more rational frame of mind than the one I was in when I went to bed. I definitely needed the rest, as I got up at 11:30 or so... YAY! Had a dream where James was eating SLB with a bunch of us, hahaha. Then Susan and Auntie Donna insisted on getting us into the forest with trucks so we could find graduating people... what the hell?!

Went out and ran some errands such as banking (gotta have cash for the weekend!) and shopping, too. Got an on-sale black towel and black washcloth at the Bay, and bought some on-sale digestive biscuits / on-sale fruit creme biscuits / on-sale Life heart jelly ju-jubes for the kids at Shoppers Drug Mart. At home, I divided the candy into Ziploc bags and paper bags before I took a shower and did some gaming.

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