Sunday, March 13, 2011

Consider the SOURCE!

When Eric called this morning, the ringing phone apparently was the trigger which woke Teunis up - as Eric said later, he SHOULD be used to it by now! I told him that it usually DIDN'T wake him up, so I dunno! Told him about certain emo thoughts, and he said that it had to do with a certain person: NO! I'M JUST SAYING! Then I ranted about pedestrians who SHOULD be given the right of way at crosswalks, traffic flow, catching up on the earthquake news, and more. Got to church, said hi to Victor / Grace / Auntie Allyn / Hannah W. (who liked my red hat), and then just sat in my usual spot. Noticed Raymond and Randal in the row behind me, but didn't say anything. Went to the back of the room, and saw MR. CREEP come in while I was talking to Paxton about devices which can make you walk through walls when you're not a ghost! CAN'T HE STAY AWAY?! (I used hand sanitizer!) Later, Christon said that he and Raymond were talking about all the empty rows - well, I can't say I'm surprised! After service (and an announcement about a special collection next week for Japan), I looked for Grandma in the usual place; found her, so I said hi. She asked whether White Kid (Eric) was my boyfriend - NO, haha! Then she thought I was laughing too loudly, but it's not as if there weren't 100 people around at the time! Auntie Kwai came up and invited her to SushiHolic - HAHAHAHA! She doesn't like sushi anyway because of the whole Japan thing!

Went into the fellowship hall and said hi to Andrew - we talked about the earthquake coverage for a while; it does seem surreal! Talked to Hung for a bit about some Trinity / Carleton game that Jonathan C. and Chris T. have mentioned, too. Going out, I said hi to Harmony / Brian / Phil / baby Micah, who of course doesn't like losing an hour of sleep! Jon said that Eric needed to be encouraged, so he and Harmony were taking him out to the Keg courtesy of Randal's gift certificates and such... well, then! I don't care about the Keg, but I *do* care where the gift certificates came from even if it's not my business! Jeremy mentioned that my blog was useful for his finances - HUH?! He said that he'd been trying to remember when a bunch of weddings were, so he tried looking it up, and there my blog was in the results! Yup, it could be a detailed archive of our life history, hahaha! Geoffrey said that he didn't know I had one; well, now you do!

As I was going up the stairs for Sunday School, Joshua and Nathaniel stuck their tongues out at me from below. I said that I saw them, so they attempted to hide - nice try, as I could clearly see the reflections of their backs in the window! Then I went down to where they were, and saw Abby with them... they still tried hiding, but there's not much room to hide down there! Went back upstairs and saw Sandi with Alexis, who also tried hiding from me! Sandi called Alexis' attention to the gold bling hearts on my sweater - when I asked if she liked it, she nodded. Alexis, Ada, Jesse, Mattias, Ramen, Shira, Ashley, and Anastasia were in Toddler Sunday School today; I played with Alexis and the green Earth Days McDonalds toy which can make things bigger or smaller depending on which lens end you use. Jesse and Mattias seemed responsive when I asked them questions, haha. Also talked to Jonathan Y. and Rachel after THEIR class, and waved at Sean L. in the hallway. Auntie Ying invited me to lunch, but I didn't want to bus home again! Went downstairs and said hi to Harmony, too.

On the way home, I ranted to Eric about Mr. Creep - he called me a bigot, and tried impressing on me that I should forgive Raymond and Randal, although he thought I was over what happened with me and Randal. Perhaps on the surface, but not really! I'm not saying you should hold grudges forever, but still - some things should NEVER be forgotten! Oh, and don't tell me that we SHOULD have gone to lunch with people just so I could get over my "paranoia," because my feelings - which should NOT be disregarded! - will NOT change! HE CREEPS ME OUT, HENCE THE NAME. At least I don't have to go anywhere for a week since Spring Break is two weeks long this year, AND Eric is attending the Phoenix hockey game! I called Steph when I got home: due to a school strike, Lisa is home to study. Maybe I can hang out with them for dinner or something, so I'll call them tomorrow and see how that goes! I know she doesn't want the strike to last too long since it affects her graduation! Discussed nuclear power, earthquake preparedness, grilled cheese sandwiches, redesigning things, code, plans, and such with Teunis also.

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