Monday, March 14, 2011

Warming up juice?! / Black Sabbath, brandy, fish balls, righty or lefty


Teunis and I discussed GWAR / Manowar / Black Sabbath, radio shows, weird news, REJECTED, Wayne and Shuster, hot chocolate, brandy (not with my spring vegetable soup!), his gaming characters / style, milk, Eric's "drunk" joke, Westerns, warming up the raspberry-cranberry juice (er... that got a dubious look from me!), damaged files, defrag, Rammstein, KMFDM, Infected Mushroom, the clinic, and more prior to his going to bed last night. I got up at 4:15 PM, possibly catching up on my sleep from Friday / Saturday's all-nighter! Saw that Steph had called me, so I left a message for her to call me back. Teunis and I just talked about the errands he has to run downtown tomorrow, a group called Green Jelly which seems much like GWAR, fish ball soup with kimchi / noodles, the prep for the pork roast, sucky circumstances like death, CBC's website, a wind warning, and more. Steph and Lisa called me back - dinner tomorrow it is, along with earthquake-related updates from Trevor and Melissa's statuses! I'm sure the strike was fun at first, but now it isn't!

You Are Right-Handed

When you need to use all your might...

The hand you choose is your right.

You'd probably use it to fly a kite,

And you would certainly use it to fight.

Um, I didn't know you needed to take a quiz to figure THAT out!

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