Monday, May 14, 2012

Long's Noodle House - 64th birthday goodness!

Steph called me at about 4 to tell me that Mom was going out for dinner in Vancouver for her 64th birthday; since almost everyone else except Harmony (who has exercise class at 7, and doesn't like Chinese food much anyway) was going, I guess I was in as well. Mom tried calling me, but I was busy trying to get an edit in, so I didn't pick up. When I called her back, I asked her where we were eating: Long's Noodle House! HAHAHAHA, I remember that place from Valentine's Day 2008 with Jon / Jeremy / Nathan / others! While I had her on the phone, I asked her about the hotel we were staying at in Vegas since Sheryll and Nyssa may want to meet me there: IMPERIAL PALACE. Jon's on a tight schedule, so I wasn't late at 5:40! Before I left, I bugged white Eric via MSN about his calling me at 9:30 AM yesterday, haha. (also left a message for Chinese Eric - YAY!)

I said hi to Grandma when I saw her in the car, and asked her what she did today: stayed home and knitted, apparently. Sounds about right to me! When we got to the restaurant, I busied myself by reading a bit of the newspaper until Steph and Lisa got there. Jon was later, as usual. We talked about SLB, this being another impromptu dinner, buns, jellyfish heads, Happy Family soup with dumplings, Chen's / PEACEFUL / Lin's, Shanghai noodles, Grandma cleaning her teeth right there at the table, pineapple cake from the cleaning lady, translating for Lisa, Vegas, the new money, salad, online friends, walking being good for labor, Mom not thinking she is Grandma's real daughter (DNA test!), SERVANTS, the upcoming baby, Mom thinking that the baby will wait till we go to Vegas to come out (I hope not!), Uncle Eric ALSO thinking that the baby was here, and more. My first words when Steph called me were, "BABY COMING?!" (and Uncle Eric said the same when Mom called him)

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