Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gotye, high tea, requests, knowing me too well, and DVD!

Called Jon earlier; we talked about babies, high tea, requests, Eric Ho and his well-wishes, awkwardness, and his knowing me too well. Hey, I will definitely respect wishes in this case! I know that he and Harmony know what is REALLY going on, even if others don't! I've also eaten the last of my Birthday Cake Oreos that I got on March 29 from Save-On-Foods.

Turns out that Dave Wong HAS indeed been to that Caribbean Market in New West, and highly recommends a nearby place; I trust that! I have had it with the radio playing Gotye, fun., and other groups a LOT. I rediscovered Corey's 2005 music DVD and his prank call CD, so those will provide a lot of entertainment instead!

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