Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dave Wong, worsening conditions, prevention, and CHINESE ERIC

I got a surprise earlier when Dave Wong replied to one of my Facebook posts; now THERE is a blast from the past, haha! Yeah, I *do* find crazy things like those naughty church signs! Then Chinese Eric buzzed me on MSN; I'd missed him, since I really hadn't heard from him in a while! He apologized for missing my phone call, and said that he's been busy driving his mom's college friends around town as a "simple task" - they've been to Gastown, Olympic venues, and other tourist attractions. Sounds about right to me! Later, he apologized for his manners, and wanted me to wish Mom a happy birthday for him next time - sure, sure!

We discussed Jon and Harmony's "roller coaster of emotions," the frantic phone call that is sure to be in the future, the "glow" that pregnant women often have, Women's Hospital, how it felt to be an auntie to a nephew or niece, and the anticipation making it hard for Jon and Harmony to sleep. Also talked about the warm weather, his concern about sun protection (when I said I might not wear a jacket outside), his health getting worse (that's why!), tiredness, resting, diet, and hanging out with good friends being good for his mental health. The Canucks' long playoff run last year helped him recover then, and he'd hoped for another repeat. You and me both! Hey, we're the only team so far that HAS beaten Los Angeles (9-1 so far) in a game this playoff run!

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