Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, slot machines, poker, and blackjack!

Talked to Corey on Skype messages for a while last night; we discussed Jane's whereabouts, sex, David S., my parents, people getting married by Elvis or Jimi Hendrix impersonators in Vegas, Baby Dragon, reserving tickets for Penn and Teller, the Grand Canyon, Steph, Lisa, gambling (expect to LOSE), and more. It's interesting! "Well, that's what I'd advise NOT doing, unless you're really good at poker or blackjack or something where skill actually plays a factor... even then, it's not a great idea. :P People say that if you go there, you should have some amount you're willing to just lose; spend that, and quit. Basically, go in expecting to lose. :P Then you won't keep throwing money away trying to win. Just have fun with that amount and go home."

"Well, you can gamble on the slot machines basically all night without spending a ton of money. I think those supposedly have a 99% return rate or something... so basically, you're going to lose, but you're going to lose it very slowly. :P And you never know, the jackpots are real... those card games have a skill element, though. If you know how to play those, you really can win. There are professional poker players now that just gamble in the casinos all day. They go to the low-stakes tables to win an amount they can live on, plus extras, which is no sweat for those guys. Then they win some more to play with, and take it to the high-stakes tables, and try to get lucky, and do sometimes. But..... if you're not really really good, you'll get cleaned out in no time. My brother-in-law plays poker constantly, and it sounds like he pretty much got destroyed at the poker tables in Vegas... so how much are you going to gamble?" Hahahaha, probably next to nothing! (considering my budget...)

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