Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tagging, location, Cypress, Whistler, tour guides, and active babies

Spent a lot of time earlier working on projects such as LJ tagging / location, and FB date changes and tagging. Good thing that Eric H. said hi on MSN after his long day at Cypress and Whistler! I'm sure he feels like a tour guide, but as long as he can rest afterwards, it'll be fine! (he needs a reprieve, which he'll get in a couple of days) He said that the Kings had won again (10-1), which I'd heard about earlier. Discussed fun research, the 2008 Pens (who lost to the Wings in the Final), NO BABY NEWS yet, innocent winking, trips, the active baby in utero (might be a boy?), and more. I also finished the FB date changes and tagging; no more constant notifications for my friends, I'm sure!

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