Friday, August 17, 2012

Italian Tomato, outdoor mats, Douglas Park, and GOOD FOOD

I was going to visit Grandma briefly before going to meet Eric at Langara Station, but Jon said to bring a mat to sit on. Since I didn't have one, I went to the dollar store / Sears / London Drugs to see if they had anything like that. London Drugs DID, but it was more like a balcony mat - whatever, I wasn't picky at that point since I was running out of time! We went to Douglas Park to meet Jon, Harmony, and Ayler. This was after we went to Dragon Ball to pick up bubble tea. Jon paid Eric back for his order of something fruity (mango) - half sugar - coconut jelly for Harmony, and something adventurous (red bean and longan) - half sugar - pearls for himself. I didn't have cash, so Eric paid... he also got taro, and I got a pudding. Mr. Dragon Ball was still there!

Jon, Harmony, Eric, and I talked about baby Ayler, parenthood, the bright yellow color of Eric's shirt, my Canucks shirt, Grandma and her eye not being quite open, Steph, Lisa, the puppy, life updates, construction, Nathan, Desmond, and more. When Eric held the baby, Ayler started crying! Edwin and Jane showed up with baby Rebecca, and both babies started fussing and crying when they looked at each other! Talked about Brian and Amy's wedding next week, Amy finding the ring before the proposal, Norman, Sean, children's concerts (one was in the background!), and more. Eric and I left earlier than they did because of the sun and a bit of hunger. We talked about Kingspark Seafood House, but I wanted to see if we could find that Italian Tomato place which Eliza recommended to me months ago. As it turned out, we did - but not after some creative driving and turns of phrase! No, I don't mind if he swears!

Discussed Grandma, pasta, his cousins not being babies anymore, pizza, mushrooms, chicken, spicy Italian sausage, shrimp, life, chilling, Price Smart, sports, the Blue Jays, BEYOND BELIEF, curses, paying me back if I paid by debit, his friends getting married and having kids, the lockout possibility, and more. Of course I didn't mind if he stopped by Price Smart briefly to see if he could find stuff for his grandma! He didn't, but he still opted to chill for a bit back at my place. Conversed about new books, Uganda and Gay Pride, CRACKED articles, cash, Halloween and Christmas stuff in stores already, the guestbook, and more. When he left about an hour later at 10:30, Yvonne had emailed me and Jon some contact info for her and her siblings. I finally managed to reply to Steve's email, too... it's been almost three weeks, man! Things keep on happening around here!

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