Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dwarves are my friend / "Hi, COME IN"

Eric just called, and I just got up - must leave. BLAH!

In Aliahan, you can rest at your house for free. Your mother says that your friends can come in and rest, too... but they're already inside! HAHAHA!

Once you're at the Navel of the Earth near Lancel, the faces on the wall in the basement shout messages at you like "Turn back!" No! I want to get the Blue Orb!

After you expose the "King" of Samanao as a fake (and restore the real king to his throne), the castle guards are a LOT nicer to you! You don't have to go in through the service entrance at the side anymore! "Hi, you guys! Come in! Come in!"

You get the Staff of Change from the Boss Troll (fake king), and you can use it at the Elven Village near Noaniels. The shopkeeper won't sell to you if you're in human form, but she will if you're a dwarf. (or all wearing Animal Suits won from Vampire Cats / Catulas) This girl says: "The dwarf is my friend."

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