Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Food Network with Grandma / Trail mix!

Grandma, on the Food Network: "They don't have to pay any money for the breakfast food. Are you hungry? You can eat this for free!"

Went to visit Grandma today for about an hour or so; for some reason, she thought I'd like to eat everything on the Food Network. Sure, but not now! She also asked why Jon wasn't there, said that she didn't want to eat fried chicken, objected to the open door (but it's HOT OUTSIDE!), and was all right just sitting in her wheelchair watching TV. When I left before everything on the Food Network made me want to eat everything on the screen (one show was even set in Vancouver!), she asked whether I wanted to sleep there! Nope, I had things to do! I figured I might as well visit her on Thursday instead of tomorrow since I'll be out anyway: I should be fine if I leave here by 4, and leave there by 5:30 to get to Langara Station on time. Hopefully, anyway...

Got some trail mix at the People's Drug Mart across the street as a slightly healthier edible birthday present for Chinese Eric, as I've been known to give him a metric buttload of chocolate before, most notably at Easter and maybe Christmas. I decided to combine that with the rest of the Werther's Originals since I can't / shouldn't eat the rest of those! (like HE should?! :P) Also got a Cadbury Dark Burnt Almond chocolate bar for my immediate consumption, since I was afraid it might melt in the heat. Went to London Drugs and got on-sale whiteout x3, on-sale Maltesers, on-sale chocolate coins for Eric, an on-sale mango / pineapple juice, and on-sale peanut butter truffle chocolate bars x2. (I'm keeping one of the truffle bars for myself, while the other can go to Chinese Eric) Put the stuff in the fridge when I got home, of course.

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